Done For You Investment

CryptoFxMart provides a platform where investors can enter into the world of cryptocurrency, real estate, crowd funding and other investments oppurtunities and after 120 days (4 months) from the commencement of their investment get 30% or more returns from their investments along with their invested capital.

Your investments are 100% guaranteed and you will on Day 121 after the start of your investment receive 130% or above (which includes your initial investment) of your investment amount paid into your local bank account.

CryptoFxMart and her lawyers will guarantee the security of your capital and your returns. If necessary, we are willing to provide a bank and court approved guarantee that is notarized. Also working with Insurance companies, we can provide a Credit Insurance Bond to the tune of the invested sum, on demand, for a 10% fee of the expected Return On Investment (ROI).

Please note that the minimuim investment that we can accept is ₦200,000 or $500, with a minimium return of 10% monthly for 4 to 6months of which the investment capital will be returned. Investments capital of $1 million and above attracts higher return on investments.